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5 Tips for Holiday Light Safety

The holidays are a time for celebration, however to many – it is also a time to hang enough Christmas lights on the roof to outshine the other houses in their neighborhood. Competition can be stiff, and this activity plays an important role in the spirit of the season. So, in an effort to make sure that you are the talk of your street for the right reasons, here are some key electrical safety tips to keep in mind when decorating for Christmas.


When shopping, make sure that you are purchasing lights that are designed specifically for use outside. These lights should be graded to resist the effects of weather, and be sturdy enough to withstand ice and snow. Also, before you make any purchases, make sure that the lights have Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Certification.


Lots of lights also mean lots of plugs. Be cognizant of how you are distributing power throughout the inside and outside of your home. Limit the number of extension cords that are connected, be aware of the capacity of power strips, and know how much power is required for the lights that you are using. If your lights require too much power, look at upgrading to a newer option that saves energy. Not only will it be safer, but you may save a little money as well.


Utilizing metal nails may be the easiest available option, but it is also among the most dangerous. Sharp, metal materials can cause punctures to wires, and lead to an unsafe situation. Investigate insulated options like clips or hooks, that will allow you to safely hang lights on your home without the added risk.


Christmas lights inside and outside of your home should not be burning for extended periods of time. Not only will this save you money, but it will also provide necessary safety precautions and extend the life of your decorative lights. Invest in a timer that will automatically turn on and turn off your lights at specific times of day, or make sure that you turn the lights off before ending your day.


When the season is over, make sure that you store your lights in a sealed container to keep them protected and in good, working condition until next year. This will allow you to get multiple seasons out of the same set of lights, and also ensure safety for your family for years to come.

Following these steps will help you stay safe this holiday season, while allowing you to show off your decorating abilities to your neighbors. However, if you find that you are having electrical issues, or you need to upgrade something on your property as you hang your lights, reach out to the talented team at Elliot Services in Lexington, Kentucky for safe, reliable, and high-quality service. Visit to learn more about how their team can help!