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Outlet Installations in KentuckY

Outlet Installations Trusted by Kentucky Residents Since 1946

Does your Kentucky home or business have loose or outdated outlets? Are you looking to secure ungrounded wires with updated GFCIs? Contact Elliot Services for expert assistance. Our licensed and highly-trained electricians know their way around all kinds of electrical systems. Rest assured, we’ll replace your outlets safely and up to code. Contact us for prompt scheduling, honest prices, and unbeatable satisfaction today!


Enjoy a 5-star outlet installation for your home or business

Elliot Services is proud to be Kentucky’s #1 choice for electrical services. Whether you’re looking to install a few extra outlets in your older home, you need an outdoor plug to accommodate a new jacuzzi spa, or you want your entire home updated with new outlets, switches, and automated lighting controls, we can do it all– and to your 100% satisfaction. Our electricians undergo extensive and ongoing training, and they won’t quit until the job is done right, no exceptions!

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What factors affect the cost of outlet installations?

  • The number of outlets. The more outlets you need, the more it will cost to install. Cost includes parts, time, and labor from our licensed journeymen and carpenters.
  • Volts and amperage. Most outlets are either 110, 220, or 240 volts and either 15 or 20 amps. This denotes the capacity of the outlet’s power supply. Depending on what you need to plug into the outlet, the outlet size will vary. For example, a powerful induction range will probably need a 240-volt outlet, while a standard refrigerator may only need 110.
  • Additional or updated wiring. Oftentimes, new outlets can be installed on the same circuit as other outlets in your home. However, if the load is too heavy, we may need to run new wiring to accommodate the additional current. Similarly, if your home has old or frayed wiring, we may need to replace it before installing new outlets.
  • Upgrades to your panel. If you need many new outlets installed, it’s possible we may need to upgrade your electrical panel with additional circuit breakers. Before your installation, we’ll carefully assess your current setup and then provide you with an upfront cost estimate of the work to be completed.

Service Process

Elliot’s outlet installation process:

  1. Schedule your outlet installation estimate. Call us at (859) 255-5788 or request an estimate online today. We’ll schedule a convenient day and time for an on-site estimate with one of our licensed and knowledgeable electricians. We’ll also send you automated reminders, so you don’t have to worry about remembering your appointment.
  2. We provide clear and upfront pricing. Your electrician will take a look at your electrical panel and inquire about the placement and number of outlets you need, along with what you plan to use the outlet(s) for. Then, they’ll write up an estimate for the work involved and answer any questions you may have.
  3. We expertly install your outlets. On the day of your service, you can trust that we’ll show up on time, as scheduled. Once we’ve greeted you at your door, we’ll get straight to work installing your new outlets. You can relax knowing that all work is completed by qualified electricians, and from Kentucky’s most trusted name in electrical service.
  4. We guarantee your 100% satisfaction. We’ve earned the lifetime trust of our customers because we value our customers’ satisfaction. If anything fell short of your expectations, we’ll be back to make it right!

Looking for something else?

We’ve got you covered.

Elliot is central Kentucky’s full-service electrical contractor. When it comes to electrical work, there’s nothing we can’t do. Whether your project is a simple light fixture replacement or a whole-home rewiring, the professionals at Elliot can get the job done to your exact specifications.



“I cannot say more about Elliot Services. They have proven themselves to be professional and responsive to all our electrical requirements.”

Brendan Gallagher

President | Frankfort Park Farm LLC

I would not hesitate to call on Elliot Services again should the need arise for electrical work at our residence in the future. The service bill was also very reasonable for the work performed.”

J. Warren K.


“Long story short, they were incredible. We’re extremely happy we are working with you all on this and because of how they worked and treated my whole family, dog included, we will be proud customers for life!

Logan F.



Elliot Services is a division of the Davis H. Elliot Company, a full-service electrical contractor founded in 1946. Headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky, Elliot has provided Electrical Excellence to its customers for more than 75 years, developing a reputation built on the core values of Target Zero, Human Performance, and Servant Leadership. Elliot Services is proudly connected to this proud tradition of Elliot Electrical Excellence, and is a name that Kentucky can count on for safe, reliable, and quality service. Elliot Services is available 24 hours a day, providing a fast and effective solution when you need them most.


Elliot Services is an employee owned company.

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Elliot Services is central Kentucky’s full-service electrical contractor. When it comes to electrical work, there’s nothing we can’t do. Whether your project requires months of planning or just a few hours on site, the professionals at Elliot can get the job done to your exact specifications.