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How To Find A Good Electrical Company Near You

Electrical work is serious business, and you need a dependable company on your side when it comes to electrical issues in your home. Poor work compromises your and your family’s safety, so the search for reliable companies should involve more than a simple search for “electrical companies near me.” A little extra research will ensure you have an electrical company that cares about the homeowners it serves and takes pride in the quality of work produced.

  • Search & Read Online
  • Reviews (Google, Facebook, Etc.)
  • Check That They’re Licensed, Insured and Bonded
  • Research Their Experience (10+ Years Is Ideal)
  • Assess Customer Protections Estimates (Should Always Be Upfront)

When you find the right electrical company, you find peace of mind that you have experts who will be there with high standards of workmanship when your electrical system needs an upgrade or a repair. Even better, you’ll feel confident that any problems that arise while the project is being completed will be handled with the respect and consideration you deserve.

Your electrical work should be handled by a team you can trust.

When it’s time to call in the professionals to work on your electrical system, Elliot Services has 75 years of experience serving local homeowners, so our team knows how to handle all your needs. As a full-service electrical contractor, you can feel confident of the quality of our workmanship and enjoy our commitment to following your exact specifications for your project.

Search & Read Online Reviews (Google, Facebook, Etc.)


Online reviews are the best source of information on the level of work performed by an electrical company and its standards for the customer experience. Hearing the stories of homeowners with firsthand experience working with a company is the most honest assessment you can get. Positive reviews will show you the company’s priorities when dealing with customers, and negative reviews will give you an idea of how the company responds when something goes wrong.

Ensure Customer Reviews Are Recent

When looking at reviews, make sure to check the dates and give more weight to those that were posted recently. Companies can evolve significantly over the years, especially with personnel changes, so you want to make sure the culture represented in the reviews is still relevant today.

Check That They’re Licensed, Insured and Bonded

An essential requirement for any electrical company is that they have taken the steps to be licensed, bonded, and insured. These are critical because they protect you and your home by either covering damages directly or ensuring the company meets industry standards to work on your electrical system.

Research Their Experience (10+ Years Is Ideal)

The longer a company is in business, the more time they’ve had to encounter a range of situations and learn how they need to be addressed. They also are more secure in their position, so they are unlikely to go out of business and leave you hanging with unresolved complaints or unfinished work. To stay in business over time, an electrical company must evolve as standards change and embrace new technologies and strategies.

Assess Customer Protections

The quickest way to determine how much a company cares about its customers is to see what protections they offer. How invested are they in keeping homeowners satisfied, and what recourse do their clients have if something isn’t satisfactory?

Do They Offer a Satisfaction Guarantee?

A satisfaction guarantee shows the customer experience is the top priority. It’s a promise that the job won’t be finished until you are happy with the results. Companies that do quality work have the confidence to offer this because they know they aren’t losing anything.

What Kind of Labor Warranties Do They Provide?

The level of warranty offered for labor is another indicator of a company’s confidence in its results. Labor warranties guarantee that the job was done right the first time.

Estimates Should Always Be Upfront

You should always expect clear and honest estimates before a job begins so you know how it will impact your budget in advance. Be wary of general estimates that don’t break down charges so you can easily spot sneaky fees added after the fact when you’re billed.

Get any electrical work you need done exactly the way you want it.

The professionals at Elliot Services prioritize your satisfaction in every job we do. We’re licensed and insured to protect your interests, and we offer a full range of electrical services and have the tools and experience to handle any job you throw our way.