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Elliot Services Serves the Lexington Community with Habitat for Humanity

LEXINGTON, KY – Elliot Service employee-owners from the Central Region recently completed a community service project with Habitat for Humanity in Lexington, KY. Participating in these community service projects allows Elliot Service employee-owners to give back to families in the Central Kentucky community they serve. 

Elliot Services had a crew of 10 men participate in two Habitat for Humanity projects in May of 2024. Three employees worked to install vinyl siding on the house. Three other employees worked on installing doors in the house while painting the trim. The rest of the crew worked outside removing an existing broken fence, installing new fence posts, and prepping for the fence boards to be installed. The Elliot Service employee-owners from the Central Region involved are Matt Garner, Zach Marshall, Will Tanck, Lee Yates, Dominic Castlen, Brennan Mattingly, Josh Sheakley, Chris Bourassa, Hunter Fryman, and Mike Clark.

After speaking with employee-owner Mike Clark about why he participates in these projects he said “I’ve volunteered for Habitat since I was a sophomore in high school in Louisville, KY. I continued through college and have done several in Lexington since joining Elliot“.  When he was growing up, his mother would take him to volunteer, and it taught him the importance of helping those in need. When asked what his favorite thing about participating in these projects was, he said “One of my favorite things about habitat building is their requirement for the person they are placing in the home to volunteer on site and help build the house.  They like to call it “sweat equity.”  Getting to meet those people and hear their stories brings me back to the memories of helping my mother with refugee reception and placement. The opportunity to have a house for their family is life changing.”

This is one of the many times Elliot employee-owners have volunteered in projects like this. “The whole experience gives us a chance to reflect on our own lives and be grateful for what we have. We all have times in our lives that seem worse than they are. By volunteering at places like Habitat, it puts things into perspective.  Things could be worse.  There are many people who would happily trade your problems for theirs”, Clark said when discussing the impact one can make just by stepping up and helping others in your community. This puts into perspective the difference you can make when deciding to help people in need.

Kentucky Habitat for Humanity (KyHFH) is part of a global, nonprofit housing organization operated on Christian principles that seeks to put God’s love into action by building homes, communities, and hope. You can learn more about the organization, discover opportunities to serve and donate to their cause by visiting