4 Reasons to Consider an Electrical Trade Career

Over the course of the last couple of years, many have been taking time to re-evaluate the direction of their careers and how they support themselves and their families. Additionally, more young people are graduating high school and college and beginning their search for a job. While many will opt for office-based, corporate jobs, many would benefit greatly by taking a close look at a career in skilled trades. In particular, the electrical trade is seeing a need for new workers to join the field, and there are ample opportunities available to those of all skill levels. Elliot Services would like to offer you 4 reasons to consider seeking a career in the electrical trade.

1. Hands-On, Economical Training Opportunities

Trade schools, apprenticeships, and on-the-job training with respected professionals make the electrical trades one of the most economical, accessible, and hands-on fields one could explore. This accessibility allows those who are interested in the profession to have an easy point of entry to learn, gain experience, and make a good living.

Additionally, the electrical trade also offers a number of specialty certifications that can provide you with the experience and credentials needed to continue to grow in your career and seek advanced levels of employment and opportunities for higher pay.

2. High-Demand Profession

Many professionals in the electrical field will be retiring over the next decade and new job opportunities continue to grow due to demand. This influx of available positions provides a great opportunity for those seeking a new challenge and presents a great option for a stable, secure profession in a field with rich tradition and history. High demand also means those who enter the field will have greater opportunities to grow within the industry and benefit financially in the process.

3. Multiple Career Options

The electrical trade stands out from many others due to the expansive nature of the industry and the different opportunities it provides. You could be an electrician who focuses on industrial and residential projects, you could work on projects with low voltage and telecommunications infrastructure, you could serve as an engineer, you could work on the new wave of renewable energy offerings, or you could work as a transmission or distribution line worker. The opportunities are endless and allow for everyone to find their niche within the industry.

4. Unique Work Environment

Working in the electrical field provides professionals with a unique work environment. Each day will be different from the last, and present new challenges for you to figure out and learn from. You will also work closely and develop relationships with many others in the industry which will serve you well within your career. This unique environment will give you the opportunity to learn skills that would be useful in your work and personal life like communication, problem-solving, networking, customer service, and more.

How do I get started?

Interested in pursuing a career in the electrical trade? Elliot Services is currently hiring for several positions in Kentucky, including Journeymen Electricians, Communications Installer, Project Managers, and more. You can learn more about available opportunities and how to apply by visiting www.elliotservices.com and selecting “Careers.”