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Modernizing Hopemont: Electrical and A/V Integration for a Historic Mansion

Hopemont, completed in 1814 for John Wesley Hunt, Kentucky’s first millionaire, stands as a testament to early-19th century elegance and craftsmanship. This Federal-style mansion, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, is located in Gratz Park at the corner of Mill Street and Second Street. Its beautiful architectural features, such as the monumental fanlight over the main entry, are preserved thanks to the Blue Grass Trust for Historic Preservation, which saved the house from demolition in 1955. Recently, the Trust rehabilitated Hopemont into a soon-to-open Preservation Resource Center.

To modernize Hopemont’s facilities while preserving its historical integrity, advanced audio/video and electrical upgrades were necessary. This project was a collaborative effort between the Davis H. Elliot company, it’s small business/electrical services division, Elliot Services, and our technology firm, 46Solutions.  Our goal was to equip the mansion with state-of-the-art presentation and conferencing capabilities while ensuring all electrical work met current standards and maintained the building’s aesthetics.


The historical nature of Hopemont presented unique challenges, particularly with its plaster walls and ceilings. Our team of professional electricians and A/V specialists worked meticulously to meet the client’s needs while preserving the historical character of the building.

Electrical Solutions by Davis H. Elliot / Elliot Services

Power and Connectivity

To accommodate modern needs, our team expertly channeled the plaster to pull and hide wires, installing conduit where necessary. This meticulous work enabled all A/V connections and power requirements in both rooms.

Lighting and Fixtures

  • Track Lighting: Subtle LED track light fixtures were installed in the downstairs conference room, adjacent meeting spaces, and the downstairs library.
  • Ceiling Fans and Chandeliers: Ceiling fans were installed in several upstairs offices, and two chandeliers were relocated. New motion-sensor fixtures eliminated the need for excessive conduit.
  • Data Cabling: New data cabling was installed for a modern WiFi network throughout the building, as well as data connections for the new TV and projector.
  • Power for A/V Equipment: Power supply for the new TV, projector, and equipment podium was installed.
  • Receptacle Replacement: All existing receptacles in the house were replaced with new GFCI receptacles.

Code Compliance and Safety

  • Code Requirements: Our team addressed and corrected several wiring issues in the kitchen to bring them up to current electrical code requirements.

“This was a challenging project to be sure, but the Elliot Services team went above and beyond to minimize the impact of the new wiring installation on our 210-year-old building. Michael, Jonathan, and Matt were always communicative and responsive, which allowed us to accomplish our preservation and modernization goals on schedule.”

Zak Leonard
Blue Grass Trust, Historic Preservation Manager 

Audio/Video Solutions by 46Solutions

When tasked with modernizing the historical Hopemont, the team at 46Solutions combined cutting-edge technology integration with a deep respect for the building’s heritage. Our mission was to enhance the functionality of the space while preserving its historical aesthetics, ultimately transforming Hopemont into a state-of-the-art facility.

Presentation Room:

  • Screen and Projector Installation: Our team installed a large 165” 16:10 motorized wall-mounted screen, ideal for video presentations. Complementing this, we integrated an Epson ceiling-mounted long-throw laser projector into the system. This setup provides stunning video images, which can be connected to a dedicated computer or accessed via a wireless video connection, ensuring seamless and high-quality presentations.
  • Podium Setup: To the right side of the room, we placed a podium for the presenter, equipped with a dedicated Dell computer with a wireless keyboard and mouse. This podium also discreetly housed the presentation system, preserving the historical aesthetics of the room. Additionally, the system offers a wireless connection for guest presenters, providing flexibility and convenience for any speaker.
  • Audio System: For the audio system, a Shure wireless handheld microphone was incorporated for both the presenter and guests. Clear audio was ensured throughout the space with the installation of Origin Acoustics white square grille ceiling-mounted speakers in both the presentation and overflow rooms. An Episode mixer-amplifier, discreetly located within the podium, seamlessly integrated the wireless microphone into the overall audio system. This comprehensive setup provided clear and reliable audio, enhancing the overall presentation experience.

Conference Room:

  • Monitor and Media Bar Installation: Our team enhanced the conference room with a 65” commercial monitor installed above the fireplace on an articulating wall mount. This setup included a dedicated Dell computer with a wireless keyboard and mouse, providing a user-friendly interface for presentations. To facilitate seamless video conferencing and presentations, we installed a conference room media bar featuring a built-in microphone, USB camera, and speakers. This modern solution ensures high-quality video and audio, making every meeting and presentation smooth and professional.

“Thanks to 46Solutions, Hopemont now boasts one of the premier presentation spaces in the city. Our AV upgrades have massively enhanced the functionality of the building and will enable us to offer an array of new preservation programming for Central Kentuckians.”

Zak Leonard
Blue Grass Trust, Historic Preservation Manager 

The collaborative efforts of 46Solutions and Davis H. Elliot / Elliot Services transformed Hopemont into a modern facility equipped with advanced audio/video and electrical systems. Our work not only enhanced the functionality of the building but also maintained its historical integrity, ensuring it remains a valued landmark for years to come.