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Powering Up a New Preschool in Louisville, KY

Opening a new educational facility is always an exciting endeavor. This past month, the grand opening of what promises to be an exceptional private preschool, Ivybrook Academy, opened its doors to the public in Louisville, KY. The success of this project owes much to the skilled professionals behind the scenes with the General Contractor Anderson & Rodgers and Elliot Services. Together, with the collaboration of LG&E, they’ve ensured that the school will be ready to shine brightly on its first day.

Powering Up the School

One of the most critical aspects of this project was providing the preschool with a reliable power source. To accomplish this, the team worked closely with LG&E to bring in a new primary feed for the school’s transformer. This involved the installation of an electrical duct bank, which serves as the pathway for power distribution.

Additionally, the team was responsible for installing the secondary feeders from the transformer to the building, ensuring a seamless flow of electricity. They also created a pathway for internet service providers, ensuring that the school would have access to the digital resources necessary for modern education.

The Electrical Fit-Up

The electrical fit-up is crucial in a new building like this preschool. The team left no stone unturned when it came to ensuring that the school was well-equipped in terms of electrical infrastructure. Here are some of the highlights of their work:

  1. LED Lighting: Energy-efficient LED lighting was installed throughout the building, providing bright and inviting spaces for learning and play.
  2. Lighting Controls: Advanced lighting controls were implemented to optimize energy usage and create the right ambiance in different areas of the school.
  3. New Electrical Panels: New electrical panels were installed to efficiently distribute power throughout the building while ensuring safety and reliability.
  4. Receptacles: Numerous electrical receptacles were strategically placed to accommodate various electronic devices and appliances.
  5. HVAC Power: The team ensured that the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems had the power supply for optimal performance, maintaining a comfortable learning environment.
  6. Fire Alarm: Safety is paramount in any educational facility. The team installed a comprehensive fire alarm system to protect students, staff, and the building.
  7. Data Rough-In: The team handled the data rough-in, laying the groundwork for robust internet connectivity and technology integration.

It’s worth noting that this project was unique in that it involved the construction of an entirely new building rather than a renovation. The Elliot Services team members included Matt Garner (On-Site Foreman), Anthony White (Lead Journeyman), Zach Marshall (Lead Journeyman), Johnathan Scott (Lead Journeyman), Dominic Castlen (Electrical Apprentice), Hunter Frymen (Electrical Apprentice), Richard Shofner (Operator), Michael Clark (Project Manager), and Chuck Ely (General Foreman).

The expertise and dedication of the crews ensured that the preschool would be fully equipped to provide a safe and nurturing environment for its young learners. The project was only possible with the assistance of experienced teams, including Advanced Paving and Construction Co., Inc., who did a great job digging the primary and secondary trenches for the project. Moreover, IPS-Integrated Protection Solutions provided the fire alarm system, and All Phase Electric Supply provided most of the material for the project, including the light fixtures, controls, electrical panels, and service wire.

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