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Underground Conduit Installations for Business & Commercial Properties

Do you manage a business that’s planning to underground your electrical service? Maybe you own a property that’s under construction, and you’re wondering which electrical service option is best for you: undergrounding or above-ground. For all of these scenarios and many others, Elliot Services is here to help. We are one of the most experienced underground conduit installers in Kentucky today, ready to assist with everything from planning and trenching to securing your electrical permit. We are licensed and insured and have over 7 decades of experience in commercial electrical work. Call today and book your free estimate. You’ll be glad you did!


Enjoy a 5-star underground conduit installation by Kentucky’s premier electricians.

Switching from above-ground to underground electrical service offers numerous compelling advantages for businesses in Kentucky. Underground systems provide increased safety by eliminating the risk of accidents from contact with overhead lines. Making the switch also reduces power outages due to weather-related damage, ensuring greater reliability for your business operations. It can even increase property values! The bottom line: it’s a long-term, cost-effective investment that not only enhances the resilience of your business during storms but also positively impacts its overall image and functionality. Looking for even more reasons to make the switch? Schedule your free estimate with Elliot Services. We’ve been performing underground conduit installations for decades and can help you make sense of your options.



What factors affect the cost of underground conduit installation?

  • Depth and Length: The depth and length of the conduit run have a substantial impact on costs. Deeper and longer installations require more labor and materials, making them one of the primary cost drivers.
  • Conduit Material:  The type and quality of conduit material can significantly influence costs. Different materials come with varying price points, and the choice of material affects durability and installation requirements.
  • Trenching and Excavation: The cost of trenching and excavation can be a substantial part of the project budget, and it varies based on factors like soil type, location, and equipment needs.
  • Number of Conduits: The quantity of conduits needed for various utilities is crucial in determining costs. Each additional conduit increases the complexity and cost of the installation. 
  • Access and Obstacles: Difficult access to the installation site, obstacles, or the need for directional drilling can lead to increased costs due to the additional labor and equipment required to overcome these challenges.


Our underground conduit installation process:

  1. We schedule your estimate and send convenient reminders. Ready to book a free estimate with Elliot Services? Simply call us at (859) 255-5788 or request an appointment online. We’ll confirm your appointment and send you convenient appointment reminders on the day of your service visit.
  2. We provide comprehensive underground conduit estimate. Elliot Services offers free estimates to our commercial clients interested in undergrounding their electrical service. During this assessment, we’ll evaluate factors such as the required conduit depth, length, material, trenching needs, and potential obstacles. Following this evaluation, you’ll receive a written estimate that includes all labor, materials, and equipment costs associated with the work.
  3. We deliver on our promises. Elliot Services has helped hundreds of commercial businesses in Kentucky underground their electrical wiring. Very few electrical contractors have been around as long as we have: over 75 years! We hire only the best electricians to ensure the highest quality work. In addition, your project is handled by our team from start to finish, from strategy and planning to implementation and permitting. 
  4. We ensure your 100% satisfaction. The Elliot Services name comes highly recommended by loyal customers because we value complete satisfaction not just during your service but after, too. If anything goes wrong or you simply have a follow-up question months later, we’re here for you with the same commitment to 5-star service!



“I cannot say more about Elliot Services. They have proven themselves to be professional and responsive to all our electrical requirements.”

Brendan Gallagher

President | Frankfort Park Farm LLC

I would not hesitate to call on Elliot Services again should the need arise for electrical work at our residence in the future. The service bill was also very reasonable for the work performed.”

J. Warren K.


“Long story short, they were incredible. We’re extremely happy we are working with you all on this and because of how they worked and treated my whole family, dog included, we will be proud customers for life!

Logan F.


Book Your Underground Conduit Installation with Elliot Services Today.